How we implement our mission

  • Supports: Business is done person to person and we believe that by giving superior service to our customers and dealers we will forge lasting relationships. Superior support means only offering solutions that are truly beneficial to both CVS and our customers even if it means referring a customer to a product that we don't carry.
  • Innovates: Success comes from constantly improving and coming up with new ideas, eventually changing the industry we work in.
  • Contributes: We use this as a way of evaluating our Support and Innovation. Done right, our support and innovation will leave a positive impact on the people we work with. This will be our contribution.
  • Education: Our primary benefit to both customers and dealers is to educate and share our experience with them.
  • Success: We succeed only as our customers and dealer partners succeed along with us.

Our mission

This is who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

"SoundVision supports, innovates, and contributes to the education and success of medical professionals and dealers."