The advantages we offer to dealers & service techs

  1. Managed sales process from quoting to invoicing or control the process yourself
  2. Brochures, spec-sheets, system images, and closing tools available on a personalized web page
  3. Access to OEM distribution products and reconditioned inventory
  4. Established & documented control process delivers more reliable systems out of the box
  5. Blind shipping with packaging customized with the logo and information of the dealer partner
  6. Clinical applications support by certified technologists
  7. Field service warranty performance and extended maintenance contracts
  8. OEM service procedures available to service personnel
  9. Client certification programs to keep your clients ahead of impending requirements
  10. Generate revenue through stocking transfer price or commission-based agreements

Join our network

Let us simplify your sales & service process

SoundVision is building what will be the #1 partner network for dealers of medical imaging equipment. This network will offer dealer partners true full-lifecycle support throughout the sales, service and education process.

Dealer partners are supported with well designed sales materials and customizable web pages that make it easy for dealers to show clients a suggested system, quote, and demo videos all in one page. SoundVision will offer dealer reps demo systems with customer satisfaction guarantees, financing, several product lines of new equipment, and nearly every brand of pre-owned equipment put through its rigorous reconditioning process. Dealers are provided training materials and educational seminars from the brightest minds in the industry. SoundVision is leading the way in certification programs for independent technologists and to assist in lab accreditation.

SoundVision values the trust dealers have with their clients and works to strengthen those relationships. The company’s objective is to simplify the sales and service process for dealers to the point that they have time to get back to their lives. SoundVision invites dealers, independent reps, and technologists to contact them to get started.

Our Vision for growth

SoundVision sees tremendous growth coming from: 1) partnerships built with domestic dealers and independents, 2) bringing its process and products to developing markets, both domestically and internationally. SoundVision’s objective is to make the sales process easy for dealers by providing all the tools they need to win new business, serve and support their customers, and to provide the best total experience possible for their clients.