Omnicare service plan types

Try before you buy: 1-888-287-8700

Need a repair, tech support answers, or a preventative maintenance check (PM) now? Call our Omnicare service team to get a quote for a one-time service. After we've solved your problem you have the option of using a portion of the service cost towards purchasing one of our 3 Omnicare service plans.

Omnicare comprehensive

Service plan with education, protection and response with one call resolution

Omnicare comprehensive service is designed to satisfy the requirements of community hospitals, or medium sized clinics. It offers features found in no other service plans. Our staff clinical research sonographers and OEM experienced techs have over 25 years of experience and are well known in the ultrasound industry. Their job is to provide you with all the professional training, support and maintenance you need to keep your ultrasound system certified and a reliable part of your program.

Omnicare comprehensive features

  • Rapid response phone support
  • 2 Preventative maintenance checks per year
  • Travel and labor covered (9am - 5pm local time)
  • All parts covered (except consumables - ECG cable, paper, etc)
  • One probe replacement covered (any except tee)
  • Access to application and technical instructional videos
  • Annual / quarterly / monthly payment terms