History of CardioVascular sales

Established in 1992, CVS sought to bridge the gap between OEMs and the existing pre-owned ultrasound market. Previously ultrasound systems were sold “as is” without a warranty. CVS was the first to offer risk-free money back guarantees and extended warranties.

The result was steady growth in a healthy market. CVS has a history of strong business processes, a culture that continues today. Software was purchased for inventory tracking, and then customized for the specific needs of ultrasound dealers. Today this software is the backbone of the company, controlling all transactions, service events, inventory, refurbishing procedures, and accounting. CVS’s exacting detail in the refurbishing process has created a lasting impression on dealers and customers. CVS’s infrastructure is exportable so that third party personnel in the field can access it. CVS has over 4500 satisfied customers, ranging from private offices to high profile luminary accounts.

CVS and SoundVision merge

The merger in Feb 2008 created new synergies for the medical imaging market

SoundVision acquired CVS in early 2008 in order to merge the strengths of CVS’s well known infrastructure, reputation, and relationships with it’s own strong distribution network and dedication to education and training. The resulting merged company embodies the best strengths of both SoundVision and CVS and provides dealers with a true full-lifecycle solution that makes it easy for them to sell and service a wider audience in the human & veterinary medical imaging markets.

History of SoundVision

John White, the President of SoundVision has over 26 years of experience in the industry working for OEMs such as Acuson, Toshiba, Phillips, and GE. In 2001 he formed the company as a family operation that sold and installed ultrasound systems and trained veterinarians throughout the United States. Sales were brisk with the distribution rights to the Toshiba product line providing 3-4 system sales a month. A stellar reputation for taking care of the customer fueled growth. Outside sales reps were hired, clinical training personnel were added, and educational courses were created in conjunction with teaching Universities. SoundVision grew into a true distribution company with a direct sales model.

In 2005, SoundVision partnered with Mindray, a new entrant to the domestic veterinary market and soon became their # 1 distributor three years in a row. Alliances with channel distributors were formed which opened SoundVision’s products to a huge and established network of local sales and service staff spread across the nation.