Omnicare service plan types

Try before you buy: 1-888-287-8700

Need a repair, tech support answers, or a preventative maintenance check (PM) now? Call our Omnicare service team to get a quote for a one-time service. After we've solved your problem you have the option of using a portion of the service cost towards purchasing one of our 3 Omnicare service plans.

Omnicare shared

Service plan that lowers your costs while keeping you certified and protected

Omnicare Shared service is designed to meet the needs of private practices, mobile practices, or OB clinics concerned with service costs. It offers access to the same OEM experienced techs that service our premium and comprehensive service plans. The 2 preventative maintenance checks keep you compliant with certification requirements while the split payment option lowers your total costs for reliable systems while at the same time protecting your budget costly over-run repairs.

Omnicare Shared features

  • Travel and labor covered (9am - 5pm local time)
  • All parts covered (except consumables - ECG cable, paper, etc)
  • One probe replacement covered (any except tee)
  • 2 Preventative maintenance checks per year
  • Rapid response phone support
  • Split payment: 50% of the cost of the service plan is billed up front. The remaining 50% is billed on a deductible basis for each service event excluding PMs. Once the deductible cap has been met you are not billed for subsequent service events. This protects you against catastrophic repairs while keeping upfront costs low.